Welcome to the Tucker Inn

The Tucker Inn is just home to us. We have been blessed and we love to share our hospitality!  It is also the home of Tucker Inn Cookies! Made famous by our long history of giving back to our community and a lot of hard work. Over the years, we have made tens of thousands of cookies, both traditional flavors as well as Tucker Inn’s signature decorated sugar cookie. These freshly baked sugar cookies are hand cut and decorated for any special event or your favorite fundraiser.

We take pride in our quality, creative cookies, and we can make almost anything! Miss Mera’s cookie cutter collection is HUGE, so if you have a special design need, we can probably make it happen. Check out our cookie scrapbook to see some of the fabulous cookies we’ve made, or, if you’re ready to place an order, check out our updated online store front and order your cookies today!

We invite our guests and fellow cookie-eaters to leave a note on our page so we can share the love with our fans and family!


Jimmy & Mera Tucker